Manya Krobo Rural Bank Opens Kakasunaka No.1 Mobilization Centre

The latest addition to the banks network is the Kakasunaka No. 1 and Mobilization centre. It was commissioned for business on the customers in Kakasunaka No. 1 and surrounding towns such as Kakasunaka No. 2, Gbetsil, Sebrepor, Michel Camp, Gulf City, Mataheko, Afiaya among others can now experience  banking at their doorstep. 

The Mobilization Center operates directly under the Ashiaman main branch and it is equipped to carry out banking operations in the entire product offering of the bank. It is located adjacent the Kakasunaka no.1 main lorry park off the Tema Akosombo Highway. 


The bank’s mission is to collaborate with development partners in the communities in which the bank operates to confront developmental challenges facing the rural poor through financial intermediation while protecting the interest of the other stakeholders.

Our Values are hinged on:

Customer Friendliness

Listening & Responsiveness



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